Thursday, August 13, 2009

You'll find DEAD SOULS at FANTASY CON 2009

The horror anthology Dead Souls (published by Morrigan Books) will be launched on September 19, 2009, at Fantasy Con in the Britannia Hotel in Nottingham, England.
I would love to be there for the book launch and signing, not to mention the opportunity to meet all the fabulous guests lined up by the British Fantasy Society, but given my present financial situation, a flight to the UK is completely out of the question. Not that I'll be too terribly missed, since the editor, Mark Deniz, will be on hand with several of the contributors, Paul Finch, Gary McMahon, Carole Johnstone, Rebecca Lloyd, and Ramsey Campbell(!!). So if you're in or near Nottingham on September 19, don't miss the opportunity to pick up a copy of a damned* good anthology signed by five fine fantasists!

*I say "damned good" because the anthology is full of stories about dead souls. Get it? Oh never mind. Get a copy and read my damn story, "Dry Places".

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