Monday, November 21, 2011

What GASLIGHT ARCANUM readers and reviewers are saying about "The Deadly Sin of Sherlock Holmes"

“The Deadly Sin of Sherlock Holmes” by Tom English

“Eerily good fun, reminded me a bit of ACD's 'The Silver Hatchet'. This is one to get caught up in, and will send the shivers down your spine. Made all the better for it capturing the essence of Sherlock Holmes.... Investigation played out the way Holmes of Canon would have done, down to the last letter. Supernatural or no, this was a genuinely well-done pastiche.”

“The tale overall is very dark and contains quite a bit of conflict around the nature of faith and sin -- not a traditional Holmes story, but very good despite that.”

“...This tale builds tension with an engaging and original plot.”

“...A chilling & succinctly told tale....”

“...A clever twist that was both imaginative and chilling. I found it an excellent read.”

(Just one of a dozen stories in GASLIGHT ARCANUM: Uncanny Tales of Sherlock Holmes
(Quotes pulled from spoiler-laden reviews at,, and
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