Saturday, April 18, 2015

Professor Challenger to Save the Day in Historic Tavern!

"If you've even the intelligence of an amoeba, you'll plan to be there!"
Very pleased that my novelette "Challenger of Two Worlds" will be published in the new anthology Challenger Unbound, edited by Theresa Derwin for UK publisher KnightWatch Press, and scheduled to be launched at Conan Doyle Con in the handsome and historic City Tavern Public House in Birmingham, UK.

CONAN DOYLE CON: Sat 30th May City Tavern, Birmingham, 12:00 – 18:15

Here's the Table of Contents:
Foreword by Tom Ue
Introduction by Michael R. Brush
The Last Expedition by Simon Kurt Unsworth
River of Bones by Paul Lewis
Challenger and the Isle out of Time by Michael R. Brush
Damnation Gate by Harry Harding Hawkins Jr.
The Death of Challenger by Steve Lockley
Professor Challenger and the Spider’s Kiss by Bob Lock
The Vendetta Virus by Rhys Hughes
The Lady and the Professor by Ian Millstead
Challenger of Two Worlds by Tom English
Unnatural Selection by Ian Faulkner
Challengers in Space by Michael R. Brush
Two Challengers by J R Campbell
Postscript by Theresa Derwin

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